Friday, December 18, 2015


    Peace and Great Day All! 2015 is coming to a close. This was a strong year for BLAM! We were able to accomplish the Following
  • New Website
  • New Mobile App
  • Free Marketing Event (Success In The City)
  • Night Club Promotions with Team Lady BLAM
  • Increased our Client Base by %20
  • Our Founder Repaired his Credit
  • We Now Offer Credit Repair Services
     Well, our website is still under construction but, it has live chat and a plethora of useful marketing and credit repair information and tools. We also changed our motto in 2015 from We Get The "Word" Out! We BLAM! To We Help You #Succeed! We realized that getting the word out was just the 1st part. In order for our clients to succeed, they will have to market their brand's like the major brands. As well as handling their finances similar to the Financially Successful. We appreciate all of the support from everyone this year. Thank you to our Clients, Family Friends, and Social Media Followers! Our Purpose is to Serve you all and Help Everyone Succeed! We hope to continue to Grow into a Major Corporation in the years to come. With your continued support, We're sure that we will succeed!

      In 2016 We've set our Goals high. We're reaching for major changes and growth. This will allow us to provide more employment opportunities for our staff as well as serve you all better with Affordable and Effective products and services along with excellent customer service. Our Main Goals for 2016 are as follows:
  • Establish our Dunn & Bradstreet #
  • Establish our Business's Credit
  • Move into Another Office Location
  • Hire More Staff
  • Increase our Client Base
  • More Events
  • Live Podcast
  • Increase our Mobile Presence
  • Improve our Customer Service
     We would also love your feedback as to what you would like to see from us in 2016. Please #Comment your request and feedback. As always thank you all for your continued support and for following our Blog! We Hope that Your 2015 was Memorable and that your 2016 is a #Success BLAM!

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