Wednesday, April 6, 2016


   Peace and Great Day everyone. As always we appreciate you all for showing support to our blog post. This post features our client "Georgia Capital Investments". They are a Real Estate company that Considers themselves to be The "Real Estate Engineers".
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    Their founder "Ed" reached out to us a few months ago stating that he wanted to branch out from his partners and begin his own firm doing real estate. His goal was to build his own following the same way he did with his partners, hoping to become just as big or even bigger than they are. We are now helping him do just that. When we begun at 1st the company was named "Atlanta Capital Partners". He was considering our Street Team Marketing services but, I informed him that Street Team Campaigns are only as good as your online presence. This is because most people research you online after receiving a flyer that they're interested in. He then agreed that he should use our "Cyber Marketing" services 1st to develop an online presence for his brand. We then created social media pages (FB, Twitter, & IG) for the brand and begin creating and sharing content on their behalf. We gain some traction then "Ed" notified us that there was another business with the same name. We didn't think that it would've been an issue due to the fact that the other Atlanta Capital Partners were in a different industry other than real estate.  He was advised to change his name though and did so. This meant that we had to update all of the social media pages. He also had to update his logo and website for the brand. We gave it sometime to sink in with the audience before we began marketing the brand on all cylinders again. 

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     As you can see were able to achieve a large reach for their fan page. Now we're focusing on getting their audience to Join Their Newsletter. From there will continue to curate content that informs their audience about real estate and the process of "Georgia Capital Investments" when it comes to saving homes from foreclosure or the buying and selling process. We are also creating blog post and assisting them in creating their emails for their eblast to their subscribers. We'll keep you all updated.
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     Again, thank you all for your continued support of our blog. Thank You for Choosing BLAM!

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