Friday, December 18, 2015


    Peace and Great Day All! 2015 is coming to a close. This was a strong year for BLAM! We were able to accomplish the Following
  • New Website
  • New Mobile App
  • Free Marketing Event (Success In The City)
  • Night Club Promotions with Team Lady BLAM
  • Increased our Client Base by %20
  • Our Founder Repaired his Credit
  • We Now Offer Credit Repair Services
     Well, our website is still under construction but, it has live chat and a plethora of useful marketing and credit repair information and tools. We also changed our motto in 2015 from We Get The "Word" Out! We BLAM! To We Help You #Succeed! We realized that getting the word out was just the 1st part. In order for our clients to succeed, they will have to market their brand's like the major brands. As well as handling their finances similar to the Financially Successful. We appreciate all of the support from everyone this year. Thank you to our Clients, Family Friends, and Social Media Followers! Our Purpose is to Serve you all and Help Everyone Succeed! We hope to continue to Grow into a Major Corporation in the years to come. With your continued support, We're sure that we will succeed!

      In 2016 We've set our Goals high. We're reaching for major changes and growth. This will allow us to provide more employment opportunities for our staff as well as serve you all better with Affordable and Effective products and services along with excellent customer service. Our Main Goals for 2016 are as follows:
  • Establish our Dunn & Bradstreet #
  • Establish our Business's Credit
  • Move into Another Office Location
  • Hire More Staff
  • Increase our Client Base
  • More Events
  • Live Podcast
  • Increase our Mobile Presence
  • Improve our Customer Service
     We would also love your feedback as to what you would like to see from us in 2016. Please #Comment your request and feedback. As always thank you all for your continued support and for following our Blog! We Hope that Your 2015 was Memorable and that your 2016 is a #Success BLAM!

BLAM! Branding Logos Advertising & Marketing
(404) 832-5265

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


     Peace and Great Day. We have some great news to share. In an effort to promote entrepreneurship, we've redirected our focus on educating our audience about the benefits of being a business owner. We've spoken to several people that are fed up with their jobs but, feel as if they don't have what it takes to go into business for themselves. Most feel they don't have the time or capital it takes to open a business. Even more people don't have a clue of what type of a business they would open even if they had the opportunity to. 
     Here at BLAM! we understand that Major Corporations run the world. Also, you can't obtain wealth by working for someone else, in the sense that you can't pass your job on to your children. You may not even be able to get your children hired at your job. If you owned a business however, you would be able to pass your business and it's wealth on to your progeny. To address their complaints however, we want to provide relevant information that will take the fear and doubt out of our audience in reference to becoming business owners. Our aim is to provide effective solutions that will help them see the light. We understand the economy as we know it is due for a big change with the recent advances in technology. Things like BitCoin (digital currency), Self Driving Cars, Artificial Intelligence, and Smart Devices will begin to disrupt the job market and render a lot of people unemployed. Therefore we want to help everyone make a smooth transition into the "Cyber Tech Revolution".

     The 1st thing we've done in an effort to provide more relevant information about the benefits of being a business owner is to offer FREE CONSULTATIONS via Facebook on Fridays. Our consultations are regularly priced at $25hr. yet, to get more people involved we've decided to offer free advice every Friday. We began this past Friday Nov. 13th. (Friday the 13th) Ha! We were able to assist 3 people with advice. The 1st person wanted to start a business but didn't know where to begin. After chatting with her, we decided that she should begin an online cooking show with a comedic twist. We came to this conclusion based on her outgoing personality and her love for cooking. She's also on social media a lot.
     The next person we were able to assist, wanted to open an online store but, didn't know where to begin. She also feared that without a budget for inventory or to create a website, she wouldn't be able to do it. We advised her to use sites like Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, etc. To get started. This way she won't have to pay hundreds of dollars for a site. Next we explained to her the technique of drop shipping. This is when you post products on your site that you've discovered for a great price on another site. Once you get a sale, you buy the product from the site you found the product on and have them ship it directly to your client. You make a profit by marking the product up slightly on your site.
     Then Finally their was a Massage Therapist who wanted to attract more business to her brand. We explain the necessity of marketing her brand like a major brand like we discussed in our Multi-Level Marketing Blog. She decided to schedule another consultation where she would be able to meet with an adviser face to face to discuss more information in reference to marketing her brand.

 Multi-Level Marketing is the only way to "rise above the noise" as we like to say. With so many advertisements being forced onto the population daily, we've naturally learned to tune them out. However with useful and beneficial content on several channels, eventually, your brand will begin to Rise! We're looking forward to helping her do just that. Join us on FACEBOOK for our Free Consultations Friday Please. Thanks 

     Finally, we've added "Live Chat" to our website in an effort to provide better customer service. This will allow us to answer our client's questions directly from our site. We can provide resources and answers to pertinent questions about our products and services. Our Motto is "We Help You Succeed" and we continue to do just that. Thank you again for following our blog. We Really Appreciate It. Also, visit our site today and have a chat. We would really appreciate that too. Thank you.

Thank You for Choosing BLAM! We Help You Succeed! #TeamSuccess #TeamBLAM!

Friday, August 21, 2015


      Peace and Great Day. Our Founder recently raised his credit score to 723 as you can see in the image above. Do you understand the importance of a Good/Great credit score? You're not really living if you haven't exercised your credit. We all need homes and most of us want cars which most of the time require loans based on your credit. With poor credit, you end up spending way more than you would if you had good or great credit. By more I mean Tens of thousands! It's far less to have your credit repaired! In an earlier post "Getting Prepared to Fix Your Credit" we explained the basics in repairing your credit. In this post we'll explain our service, how it works and the benefits of having Good/Great credit.
       Our Credit Repair service raises your score within 30-45 days. We also educate you on all things credit. We make sure that you'll able to maintain and even raise your score higher. No credit is irreparable. Depending on how bad your credit is, it could take anywhere from 90 days or up to 2 years for you to achieve a perfect Credit Score. Surely this is a small investment to make to live the rest of your life financially free. Your credit report consist of 4 parts. 
  1. Inquiries
  2. Accounts
  3. Collections
  4. Public Records
     Inquiries are the easiest to remove. You acquire them when you apply for credit. Not all inquires are created equal however. Inquiries from Home loans, car loans, and credit cards weigh more than that from a phone company or anything other than the aforementioned 3 types. They all fall off in 2 years though. Therefore most of the time you can wait them out if you aren't able to have them removed.
     Accounts are the open credit accounts you may have like, Student Loans, Credit Cards, etc.... This displays how well you've been doing with the credit that you've been granted.
     Collections are loans that you have defaulted on and have been sent to collection agencies to recoup what you owe. Most of the time you can contact the collection agencies and negotiate a deal to have collection accounts removed from your credit report.
     Public Records aren't supposed to have an effect on your credit score yet, Credit Bureaus may collect this information about you. It's important to know the laws when repairing your credit. It makes the process a lot easier

    The three main credit bureaus are Transunion, Equifax, and Experian. Our owner uses the Transuninon Credit Monitoring service being that Transunion's score holds the most weight out of all 3 major credit bureaus. Credit Sesame offers a free credit monitoring for Experian however. Our Founder also uses this free service to keep track of his credit score and you should too.
 Get Your Free Credit Score!

      Click the image above to sign up for credit sesame. Along with low interest rates, there are a lot more benefits to having Good/Great credit. When you use your credit card, a lot of times you get faster service with less requirements and better deals. Good examples are car rentals, booking hotels, and making flight reservations. Also, you collect points on purchases made with credit cards. Credit cards are also more secure being that they refund your funds without question and a lengthy investigation process unlike debit cards when you've become a victim of fraud. Some credit cards even offer their own point system and bonuses on the purchases you make. 
      Also, if you're in business, you'll need a personal credit score of at least 700 to add trade lines to your credit as well as build your Dunn & Bradstreet number which is practically Credit for your business.

    As always, we thank you for following our blog. Please #Comment or #Reply to our blog if you have any questions or interested in having your credit repaired. You can also contact us at (404) 832-5265 or email us at Also visit our website at Thank You Again and Have A Great Day! We Help You #Succeed! #TeamBLAM!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Starting a Business From Nothing

      Peace and Great Day everyone. This post is for everyone who's been meaning to start a business for years but, just don't know where to start. Some of us hate our jobs yet, we fight to get out of bed everyday to maintain our lifestyles. Some of us love what we do yet, just aren't making enough. This post is to help you succeed despite all odds. 
      The 1st thing you want to concern yourself with when going into business is consumer behavior. Next you have to think big. It's a numbers game. How many people can your round up and expose your brand to? Next, every major brand has similarities that are important for their success. With these 3 things in mind anyone can build a business out of thin air.
     To begin, you must use social media! Thinking about consumer behavior, everyone is always on Social Media. A lot of social media users also, access social media from mobile devices. Social Media is 50% of any marketing strategy. It's free, and it's a great way to round up a lot of potential customers and expose them to your brand. 

     Another way to expose people to your brand is via email. Mail Chimp has a free option that allows you to build your database and market to them via email. More free helpful stuff comes from Google. BLAM! is an Official Google Partner #PartnersConnect. Even before becoming a Google Partner, we were using Google's products for business. They provide a lot of useful free tools such as:
  • Google Voice
  • Google Drive
  • Hangouts
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Documents
  • Google Calendar 
There maybe a few we left off as well.Get Google for Business! now, it offers a service for $5 a month that gives you even more useful tools to use for promoting your business. We also Have Discount Codes to share with anyone who would like to use Google for Business!

 Get Google for Business!

     Please #Comment or Reply to this Blog post for your Discount Code for Google for Business.

 Save 30% With this Link! It's Go TIME!

    GoDaddy also has a lot of useful tools for business. Unlike Google however their services aren't free. We do have a Special Offer for you all for following our Blog. How Does 30% off of your purchase (It's Go TIME!) sound? Better than Full Price Correct? Well, you get what you pay for and Go Daddy has Great Customer Services and are Iron Clad when it comes to standing behind their products. 

      The reason the tools from Google and GoDaddy are so important is because it gives your brand "Brand Appeal" Instead of having an email like you can have an email like You have video conferences with your staff and clients. Shared documents with your staff and clients via the cloud and more. It may not seem like much but, based on consumer behavior, these little add-ons can mean more business for your Brand. We Help You #Succeed! Thank You for Choosing BLAM!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015



     Peace and Great Day Everyone. Thank you for continuing to follow our Blog our Social Media Post and being a part of our Newsletter. In this post we would like to help you all #Succeed with some helpful software and New Tech. Whether you're in business or just want to improve your finances, this post is for you.

1. The 1st Product we would like to Share is #Digit! It's a program that allows you to save automatically and for Free! You just sign up, link your bank account and Digit does the rest. It saves money for you automatically based on how much money you have in the bank and your spending patterns. You can withdraw at anytime via text message and it only takes 1 business day. We all know making money is great but, saving is much better! 

 Sign up for Digit and Start Saving Automatically!

2. Next on the List is #Acorns. Acorns is a mobile app that connects to your bank account. It alsro studies your spending and saving habits. The difference is that it rounds up the amount of your purchases based on what you specify and invest it. It gives you a projection of the future as to how much you will make and profit. So not only are you saving but, you are investor on the stock market. Build Your Portfolio and #Succeed!

 Sign Up for Acorns and Begin to Build your Portfolio Today!

3. Next is #CoinBase a wallet for BitCoins. Currency as we know it is changing and fast. Greece is Bankrupt, China's Stock Market has Collapsed, and Italy is on the way. It's only a matter of time before the world's financial woes hit home. With the dollar on it's way out. Digital Currency will be the currency of the Future. Might as well begin now!

 Join Coinbase for Free and Receive $5 in Bitcoins for Joining

     Thank You again for Reading our Post. Please visit our website for more information and exlusive deals from our partners. Also #Comment or #Reply if you have any Questions or Concerns Thank You for Choosing BLAM! We Help You #Succeed!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Our 8th Year Anniversary. What's New With BLAM!


      Peace and Great Day All. Today is our 8th Anniversary of Being in Business. We appreciate all of you for your continuous support! We are making some changes to Help You All #Succeed! Which is our Latest Motto. We understand how intimidating it can be to start your own business. We also understand the financial pressures of everyday life. These are our two (2) main focuses on helping others succeed. To address these two (2) issues we've redone our website as well as created a new mobile app for our Brand. In this post we will explain how to use our new website and app to help you #Succeed. How to start or build your brand as well as how to manage the financial difficulties of Day to Day life. 
 Visit Our New Website

     Our New website is much easier to Navigate through. It now also has a plethora of information about Branding, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Logo Design, Website Design and other marketing tools to grow and build your business. It also has more links to our blogs which has even more information about the aforementioned subjects. We intend on our new site to become Atlanta's #1 online source for Success. Therefore if anyone is interested in beginning a business and don't have a big marketing budget, they will be able to go to our site and use the information and succeed, without having to spend large sums of money. We also make it easy for anyone to contact us or follow us via social media if they have any questions or need some clarity about the information that we have shared.
 Personal Credit Repair by BLAM!

      To help the ordinary person tackle the everyday financial difficulties we face from time to time, we've added Personal Credit Repair to our array of services. We understand that without Good Credit, you're missing out on life. You're also paying way more on car loans, mortgages, and more due to the lack of Good Credit. Our #PersonalCreditRepair service is a step by step simple process that erases negative marks, builds credit scores on all three (3) major bureaus, as well as how to maintain and continue to grow their credit score after we've completed the repair process. Again, if someone can't afford our services, we've provided links and useful information to help individuals begin repairing their credit without spending large sums of money. We Help You #Succeed

 Download our New Mobile App

     Finally, we've created a new mobile app for our business to help our followers keep up with us on the go. Unfortunately the Mobile App doesn't have as much useful information on it as our standard desktop site but, it allows you to contact us from your mobile device, as well as follow us on social media where we post a lot of useful information about Marketing, Branding, Logo Design, Social Media Marketing, and more daily. We understand that most people are on the go and rarely have time to sit in front of a desktop.  We also understand that more people are accessing the web from mobile devices now, more than desktop computers. 

      We really appreciate your Feedback! Please #Comment or #Reply to our post to voice your opinions and concerns. Visit Our Website or Download our Mobile App at anytime. Thank you again for following our blog! We Really Appreciate Your Support! 
Thank You for Choosing BLAM! We Help You Succeed!

Friday, April 10, 2015



     Peace and Great Day All! Thank you for Continuing to Follow our Blog! We're continuing to help you all succeed by delivering pertinent and effective information relevant to you and the success of your business. In this post we will discuss "Brand Appeal". What it is. How do you achieve it and How to use it to Generate Income! Let us begin Shall we?
     Brand or Branding comes from the Idea of Branding Cattle. When farmers brand their cattle, they can then tell the difference between their cows and the cows of other farmers. By burning their logo/name into their herd, they can easily identify there cows from among the Greater Heard! Now as for a Business building or becoming a Brand or being Branded, the idea is to be the 1st company your clients think about when they need products/services in your industry. Major Brands are also referred to as household names, which also denotes that they are the 1st company families think of when their homes' need any services/products from the industry of the Big Brand. So how does one become a Major Brand you ask?
     Becoming a major brand has changed throughout the years. At one time it just took money. The more money you had to market your business, the bigger your brand became. Now a day however having expendable sums of cash for marketing just isn't enough. With the invention of the internet and later social media, becoming a major brand has completely changed. Look at Facebook or one of those newly crowd funded businesses for example. They started out with little to no income and are now Household Names. What did they do to become major brands without having a big marketing budget you ask? They used Brand Appeal! Let me explain.
  1. Start a business based off of a natural talent or a hobby that you're already making money from
  2. Build Awareness about your new business
  3. Establish Credibility among your following and clients

After following the steps mentioned above, You'll be at the brink of achieving Brand Appeal. So what's so appealing about brands? How do they do it. Well first we want to give you an example of a company with strong brand appeal. "Jordans" the Apparel Brand has strong Brand Appeal. Not only does the Marque person "Micheal Jordan" have appeal as a great professional athlete. The shoes by Nike also have Brand Appeal. With both of those combined, the "Jordan" brand has an incredible Brand Appeal. So incredible that clients will sleep outside in harsh conditions just to be the 1st to have the latest edition of "Jordans" So how do you get your clients to sleep outside of your business?
     Ha! Getting your clients to sleep outside your business like Nike or Apple is quite a feat yet, achieving Brand appeal not so much. So, to build brand appeal you have to make the things that make your brand stand out from competitors appealing. Like your Logo for example. Your Logo is different from any other businesses' logo. Classic Logos withstand the test of time and portray the message behind your brand without using words. Think about the Golden Arches of McDonalds as an example.

     After making the appealing cosmetic changes to your brand, the next key factors are building your audience and benefiting them. Benefiting them to the point that it's a "no brainer" for them to refer you to others. Brands that offer products/services that make the lives of others easier or compliments their clients' lifestyles will achieve Brand Appeal with consistent Great Business practices and Customer Service. Once again, thank you for following our Blog! We Really Appreciate It!

Thank You for Choosing BLAM!