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     Peace and Great Day All! Thank you for Continuing to Follow our Blog! We're continuing to help you all succeed by delivering pertinent and effective information relevant to you and the success of your business. In this post we will discuss "Brand Appeal". What it is. How do you achieve it and How to use it to Generate Income! Let us begin Shall we?
     Brand or Branding comes from the Idea of Branding Cattle. When farmers brand their cattle, they can then tell the difference between their cows and the cows of other farmers. By burning their logo/name into their herd, they can easily identify there cows from among the Greater Heard! Now as for a Business building or becoming a Brand or being Branded, the idea is to be the 1st company your clients think about when they need products/services in your industry. Major Brands are also referred to as household names, which also denotes that they are the 1st company families think of when their homes' need any services/products from the industry of the Big Brand. So how does one become a Major Brand you ask?
     Becoming a major brand has changed throughout the years. At one time it just took money. The more money you had to market your business, the bigger your brand became. Now a day however having expendable sums of cash for marketing just isn't enough. With the invention of the internet and later social media, becoming a major brand has completely changed. Look at Facebook or one of those newly crowd funded businesses for example. They started out with little to no income and are now Household Names. What did they do to become major brands without having a big marketing budget you ask? They used Brand Appeal! Let me explain.
  1. Start a business based off of a natural talent or a hobby that you're already making money from
  2. Build Awareness about your new business
  3. Establish Credibility among your following and clients

After following the steps mentioned above, You'll be at the brink of achieving Brand Appeal. So what's so appealing about brands? How do they do it. Well first we want to give you an example of a company with strong brand appeal. "Jordans" the Apparel Brand has strong Brand Appeal. Not only does the Marque person "Micheal Jordan" have appeal as a great professional athlete. The shoes by Nike also have Brand Appeal. With both of those combined, the "Jordan" brand has an incredible Brand Appeal. So incredible that clients will sleep outside in harsh conditions just to be the 1st to have the latest edition of "Jordans" So how do you get your clients to sleep outside of your business?
     Ha! Getting your clients to sleep outside your business like Nike or Apple is quite a feat yet, achieving Brand appeal not so much. So, to build brand appeal you have to make the things that make your brand stand out from competitors appealing. Like your Logo for example. Your Logo is different from any other businesses' logo. Classic Logos withstand the test of time and portray the message behind your brand without using words. Think about the Golden Arches of McDonalds as an example.

     After making the appealing cosmetic changes to your brand, the next key factors are building your audience and benefiting them. Benefiting them to the point that it's a "no brainer" for them to refer you to others. Brands that offer products/services that make the lives of others easier or compliments their clients' lifestyles will achieve Brand Appeal with consistent Great Business practices and Customer Service. Once again, thank you for following our Blog! We Really Appreciate It!

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